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Medical Complications


Eating disorders are most life threatening of all psychiatric illnesses.

Two persons with the same behaviour may develop completely different symptoms.
It is necessary to have a well-trained and experienced physician as part of the treatment of an eating distress.
There are numerous medical complications from dry skin to cardiac arrest

      Consequences of starving:

                - Dry thin hair
                - Dry skin covered with downy fuzz
                - Brittle splitting nails

                - Osteoporosis
                - Weak and wasted muscles or tremors
                - Constipation, bloating and abdominal discomfort
                - Kidney and bladder infections
                - Urinary track stones
                - Cavities and gum disease
                - Frantic activity and depression
                - Absence of cycle

               - When the level of body fat falls bellows a certain point, the mind becomes utterly preoccupied with food.


       Consequences of overeating and vomiting:

                - Menstrual irregularities
                - Swollen gland in neck beneath jaw
                - Sore throat or sinus infections
                - Hair loss
                - Cavities and loss of tooth enamel
                - Weak muscles
                - Puffy face
                - Raw fingers from acid from vomiting/Russell’s sings/
                - Bags under eyes
                - Fainting spells
                - Blurred vision
                - Tremors
                - Rapid or irregular heartbeat
                - Stomach and abdominal discomfort as well as bloating
                - Nausea
                - Oedema
                - Ulcers or colitis
                - Blood sugar irregularities
                - Kidney and bladder infections
                - Weak muscles


      Here now some very important facts about blood tests :



From years  long  experiences and from internationally collected research 

the following tests are very  beneficial  in monitoring the physical condition of ED .


1.   Full Blood Count

2.   Electrolytes/Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium

3.   Liver Function Test

4.   Total Protein and Albumin Test

5.   Bone Density – if condition more than one year

6.   Sedimentation rate

7.   Hormones/Thyroid function, Testosterone and Oestrogen function

8.   Electrocardiogram


Sufferers should  attend their doctor for regular medical monitoring.

Since ED can be  a life threatening illness, we depend on the support and involvement of the Doctor for medical evaluation and treatment.

and remember -

never to be shy to ask for these tests and demand to see the results , even if you can't really read them , but you can get a second opinion .


always remember - it is up to us  not to be a victim !


the more you know - the better you understand - the easier you can help yourself  !

and always remember -

YOU  have  the right for the best professional treatment available   and

YOU have the right to choose this treatment .


So learn  about  ED and all its medical aspects , and make yourself ready to choose

what is best for YOU !

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