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E.D. Contact goes On-Line!

E.D. Contact is a new and positive Information Resource created by and for Families and Individuals living with Eating Distress in Ireland.

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'It takes a village

to raise a child.'

African proverb


Despite their differences, national health systems in European Union countries place the same rights of patients, consumers, users, family members, weak populations and ordinary people at risk. Despite solemn declarations on the “European Social Model” (the right to universal access to health care), several constraints call the reality of this right into question. As European citizens, we do not accept that rights can be affirmed in theory, but then denied in practice, because of financial limits. Financial constraints, however justified, cannot legitimise denying or compromising patients’ rights. We do not accept that these rights can be established by law, but then left not respected, asserted in electoral programmes, but then forgotten after the arrival of a new government. The Nice Charter of Fundamental Rights will soon be part of the new European constitution. It is the basis of the declaration of the fourteen concrete patients’ rights currently at risk.


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The above preamble of the EUROPEAN CHARTER OF PATIENTS RIGHTS is as we believe exactly characterising the Irish health system in general and for sufferers from an eating disorder in particular. Young wonderful people suffering from an eating disorder in Ireland still don't have equal access to treatment programmes. Because there are only three public beds available for the whole country in a semi specialised hospital in Dublin. Because a treatment in the two private hospitals in Dublin with an eating disorder programme is only funded by the VHI. Because the waiting lists are like a Russian roulette. Because the treatment programmes are outdated. Young wonderful people suffering from an eating disorder in Ireland still  have to die, because their parents don't have the money to bring them abroad to find appropriate professional help and support.

Governments come and go, and the ones, who have responsibility in government just blame the ones before or the ones after and nothing is changing. Sufferers and their families are still the forgotten ones. For them the old story stays always the same - help is only then available, if one has the financial means. Naturally Patients Rights as outlined in this charter are in Ireland still a cheque book matter.

We in E.D.contact believe this is unacceptable. We believe we have the right and responsibility to change.



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