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Every sufferer is entitled to the best help available- without any restriction and condition.

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Entitlements for sufferers and carers



Going through eating distress can not only be an emotional trauma for the sufferer and the whole family, under the existing health system it can as well be an enormous financial burden.

Of the three health insurances the VHI is the only one, which is paying under certain conditions for a treatment in one of the specialised hospitals. You may find more information on their website.

Some sufferers receive financial support from the HSE for an out-patient treatment, but this is not always easy to get. You have to learn about your rights.


The financial burden can be very difficult especially for sufferers and their families, who are not living in Dublin. Often we hear people telling us, that for 1 hour therapy they have to travel up to Dublin by car or train, which can take numerous hours, stay there over night in a B&B and come back the following day. The costs can be overwhelming and for many impossible to meet.

There are allowances and benefits available, learn about them and make an application.

Most sufferers are entitled to disability allowance. In various circumstances one parent or family member is entitled to the carers allowance.

There are supplementary allowances towards therapy costs, travel allowance, back to education allowances etc ( see  list on the left ). The application procedure can sometimes be very frustrating. You should not accept an official NO! Appeal it. Even when your second application is turned down keep trying.

There are very understanding people working in the HSE, and usually you will receive the allowances you are entitled to.

If you still feel you need more help and advice here is a list of useful sites about general citizen information in Ireland. Or send us an e-mail.






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