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E.D. Contact is a new and positive Information Resource created by and for Families and Individuals living with Eating Distress in Ireland.

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                 E.D.contact is a group of parents, carers and friends of Eating Distress sufferers.



       Some of us have gone, some of us are still going through the enormous trauma and confusion of

       experiencing Eating Distress. In this difficult time we feel DESPAIR, GUILT and PAIN,

       where do we go and what can we do? This can be a very hard time for families to see their 

       wonderful children suffering from anorexia - bulimia - over eating. It seems there is very little help

       available and even less understanding of Eating distress.

       We always have to bear in mind , that Eating Disorders - as manifested in psychological 

       handbooks - are only describing the behaviour around food. If this is not understood, the sufferer

       is left so desperately alone with one of the most horrific psychological conditions - Eating Distress !

       Psychiatric wards, where the main objective is an increase in weight, are not the answer. On a wider 

       international level it is more than clear among sufferers, professionals and parents alike that these 

       weight-gaining programmes are utterly out-dated, inappropriate and counter productive.

       Eating Distress is not a food problem or even a diet gone wrong. Eating Distress is not a gender  

       issue. Men are affected also.




                 Eating Distress is nobody's fault, therefore nobody is to be blamed.


       There is a growing awareness in the media and among health board officials about the different

       types of Eating Disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge-Eating Disorder and other

       forms of Eating Disorders, but these are only descriptions of the sufferers difficulties around food and

       say very little or even nothing about the underlying condition- Eating Distress.

         Often sufferers use food as a means of expressing their emotional distress.

         In our website we will use both - Eating Distress and Eating Disorder - but we prefer the word 

       Eating Distress to the label Eating Disorder.

       Sufferers are not out of order, sufferers are distressed.

         Sufferers are often seen as being manipulative and attention seeking, selfish with very little self

       esteem.  In reality Eating Distress sufferers are very strong spirited, sensitive, creative and kind

       human beings, who lost the ability to cope with life, who lost the ability to know how to live, how to

       feel self worth and the core of their own existence.

       Sometimes the sufferer can't feel the sense of his/her self at all anymore. He/she feels only pain and

       confusion, which is a most traumatic experience. The sufferers daily reality is the

       negative assumption about her/him self, and the control around food takes over the mind.

        The sufferer needs help and understanding and definitely not to be  labelled.

         Difficulties around food can be a negative and self-destructive coping mechanism of a very

       sensitive human soul. But if the sufferer feels to be understood and unconditionally respected

       as the wonderful human being she/he is, and with the necessary financial support, professional

       help ( not only weight gain programmes and medication ) and above all - love, full recovery is



       With the rising statistical figures of eating disorders in Ireland anyone in any walk of life 

       could find themselves having to deal with this trauma. As sufferers, parents, teachers, doctors,

       nurses, therapists, social workers, health board officials, health insurance companies and

       politicians we all should work together regardless of any personal or professional differences .


         WE ALL ARE ONE TEAM !


         To be aware of the " problem "  is just one side of the coin. To act and take necessary

         steps  towards a change is the other even more important one.


       Many changes are needed in Ireland regarding treatment facilities and programmes, but what it is

       need most of all is a better understanding of Eating Distress in general.

       Every sufferer should be given the same opportunity to recover from an eating distress

       irrespective of status, income or address


         With this website we would like to reach out and give support with practical information; where

       to go, where to find help. We would like to share our experiences.    

       We in E.D.contact believe we just can't accept things as they are, we believe we have a

       responsibility to work towards necessary changes. All awareness about eating disorders in

       general is only a lip service as long as it doesn't help directly the eating distress sufferers and their

       families, who need help so desperately.



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