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These are the stories and experiences of sufferers and their parents going through eating distress. These stories are nothing else than personal experiences. Some of them tell us what can happen, when doctors and therapists don't  understand eating distress, and when their outdated  treatment methods can have a rather devastating effect on the sufferer's recovery.

But theses stories tell us also :

               RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE.

It is necessary that we all listen to those suffering people and their parents. Their experiences are an offering and they highlight the urgency of change.

Although some of these stories may sound horrific, it is important that we do not blame others for our own suffering. It is important that we all learn from these stories:  sufferers-parents-doctors-therapists alike.

The worldwide Eating Disorder conference in Barcelona in 2006  highlighted the fact very clearly, that the professionals are the ones , who need to listen, who need to learn. The professionals have to change their treatment methods in order to make recovery from ED possible for everyone.  Inadequate therapy methods like weight gain programmes combined with punishment regulations and extensive medication do not only hinder  recovery from ED,  they can make recovery impossible.

How electric shock treatments can help eating distress sufferers is beyond any scientific understanding .

All these outdated and on an international level unprofessional methods are still in fashion in  Irish psychiatric wards and specialised Eating Disorder hospitals.


As the   worldwide charter for action on eating disorders shows us -

Sufferers and their Families have fundamental rights: 


.....People with eating disorders and their families

     have a right to be involved in treatment decisions

     and be involved in respectful ongoing communication

     with the treatment providers ....



Most names of the brave ones, who tell us their stories and share with us their experiences, have been changed to protect them.

It is by far not easy for them to go back into these dark and traumatic times . They have done it to

help others , to let us all know:


Respect , understanding and unconditional love are the essence of any therapy.


                                                                Everybody is more than welcome to add hers/his story



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