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E.D. Contact goes On-Line!

E.D. Contact is a new and positive Information Resource created by and for Families and Individuals living with Eating Distress in Ireland.




What it is like to be 21?


One would be full of enthusiasm for life and for the future

Feel young

Feel the world is huge

Have lots of goals and ambitions

See life as fun and full of opportunity

Feel I have my whole life ahead of me

Get excited about life

Be full of excitement for all the interesting places I can go and people I can meet and things I can do.

See life as a learning process and  to enjoy that process.

To accept me for who I am

Love me

Accept life as it is and realize and accept that life is not always easy, but to trust that I will get though the difficult times.

Trust that what ever happens in life I will handle it

Take responsibility for my life totally

Let go of blaming circumstances and others

Let go of doubt and trust myself and the future.

Let go of fear of myself and future

See myself as a capable person.


Think like a 21 year old!

see life as fun

see life as full of opportunities

get excited about life

not to take life to seriously

be fun and not take me too seriously

see the world as my oyster

believe I have no real stress

feel energetic

feel optimistic

feel relaxed 

think of all the things I can do, enjoy and laughs I can have.

See my family, friends, hospital staff etc as allies working for the best of me not people I fear.

Believe in me and that I can achieve those things I want to achieve

Be willing to take risks

Stop analysing!!

Accept me

When I am tired / anxious / nervous to deal with these emotions in a more productive way

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