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Working together


Going through eating distress is sometimes like going into isolation. Shame and guilt about this condition can affect social interaction even within the families themselves. Emotional confusion can create an atmosphere of hiding and blaming. Sufferers and their families often feel left alone with no help. Shame and guilt overshadows understanding and love.

The sufferer is never to be blamed or anyone else. An eating distress is nobodies fault.

To understand the sufferer is all our responsibility !


   For a better understanding of the sufferers

   condition and the necessary professional

   help towards her/his recovery it is

    important that doctors and therapists  



                     work together


   with the sufferer and her/his family.

   It is important  that doctors and therapists

   include the sufferer and her/his parents fully

   and without prejudice into therapy

   programmes and any decision making .



World Wide Charter for Action

on Eating Disorders


European Charter

for Patients Rights


Rights of psychiatric

patients in Ireland


British Patient's Charter


Mental Health Act 2001

Hospital treatment in

another EU/EEA country


Amnesty International Irish Section


Mental Health Ireland


Links to relevant sites




    It is important, that family and friends

    not only support the sufferer with

    unconditional love, but that they accept

    and understand to be an active part

    in the sufferers journey towards





Professionals and families together build a team of support and understanding and respect for the sufferer's true individual being and individual needs without any conditions.

Mother and father reach out to one and another, without blame - guilt - shame. Both are parents, their child needs them both.

As parents we are responsible for the well being of our children. Professionals are responsible for providing the best possible treatment to everyone with respect and patience. The society is responsible for protecting our human rights.


The Worldwide Charter for Action on Eating Disorders ,

The European Charter for Patients Rights

The rights of psychiatric patients in Ireland and

The British Patient's Charter     tell us about our rights. (Interesting is the difference between

                                                                                                       these charters )

Amnesty International Irish Section states very clearly ' that recovery from mental health problems is a human right '


It is the firm view of Mental Health Ireland that if progress is to be made towards equality in services irrespective of status, income or address, then urgent action and legislative reform is an absolute necessity’


The hospital treatment in another EU country can be an important factor in saving life's.

EU citizens have the right in certain circumstances to seek treatment in another EU member state, if this treatment, when it is needed is not available in the home country.

We are aware of some cases, where the HSE have covered the treatment costs of Irish eating disorder sufferers in other EU member state countries.

In cases such as these a necessary immediate treatment for eating disorder sufferers was not available in Ireland at the time due to long waiting lists. These sufferers had to go abroad to receive the immediate treatment they were entitled to.

Unfortunately these rules and regulations are too often not made very clear to the Irish public. Sufferers and their families don't know about these rules and regulations.

But Ireland is a member state of the EU and therefore bound to comply with these rules and regulations.

                       Learn about them !  These rights have saved Irish life's.


We can work together with professionals and national decision makers.

But never forget: all our actions are only then fruitful, if they directly help the sufferers!


Regardless of social backgrounds, financial means or place of residence all eating distress sufferers  have the right to live healthy in body mind and soul.

If we all work together and with the right professional treatment programmes available in the whole country, with the financial support through HSE and insurance companies and with the unconditional love of families and friends :


                                   Recovery is possible for every single one





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